Bumper Repair

Modern sport car front bumper lip, spoiler, and splitter

Car Bumper Repair Services

Jon’s Body Shop offers high-quality bumper repair services for a wide range of cars and trucks. Whether your vehicle has steel, aluminum, or plastic bumpers, you can count on us to inspect them and make the necessary repairs. We utilize only the best materials and employ the latest repair techniques to ensure that your bumper is repaired to the highest standards. Our expert mechanics are trained to handle both front and rear bumper repairs, giving you the guarantee that we can complete every job quickly and efficiently.

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Signs You Need Car Bumper Repair

You may not think much of it, but your bumpers are important parts of your vehicle. The front bumper absorbs impact in low-speed collisions, while the rear bumper protects your vehicle from minor parking lot bumps and scrapes. That’s why it’s important to be prompt when it comes to getting them repaired in case any of them sustain a significant amount of damage. This not only helps retain the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but, more importantly, allows your bumpers to serve their purposes effectively.

To help you determine when it’s time to get in touch with Jon’s Body Shop for a bumper repair or replacement, here are the signs to watch out for:

Dented or Cracked Bumper

You should never ignore visible damage to your front and rear bumpers. When not promptly fixed, these dents and cracks may get worse over time, leading to more costly repairs. Neglected visible damage may even make your bumpers irreparable, requiring you to get a bumper replacement instead. Save your bumper and prolong its lifespan by scheduling an immediate bumper scratch repair or bumper dent repair with our team.

Paint Damage

Noticing any paint damage on your front or rear bumpers? That’s a sign you need to schedule a bumper paint repair immediately. Scratches and chips on your bumpers’ paint job can lead to rust. When the paint job is not promptly repaired by a qualified mechanic, these damages may cause widespread body corrosion, which can be very expensive to repair.


Any bumper misalignment issue should be addressed with promptness. When this issue is neglected, it may lead to inconvenience or even safety hazards. A misaligned bumper will make it more difficult for you to close your vehicle’s trunk or hood. On top of that, it may also make the car unstable and increase the risk of an accident. That said, if either the front or rear bumper is no longer properly aligned, make sure to schedule a repair or replacement with our qualified technicians right away.

Top-notch Rear and Front Bumper Repair in Lafayette, IN

For all your car bumper needs, trust only the automotive experts at Jon’s Body Shop. We are fully trained and equipped to handle minor and major bumper repairs, bringing back these vehicle components in pristine condition. Our bumper repair services are designed to meet the highest standards and specifications — giving you quick and quality service every step of the way.

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